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Saving Homeless Animals Nationwide

Shelter Animals and Animals in our rescue

In an effort to save as many animals as we can and find them good homes, in our facebook feed below you will not only find our current adoptable animals within our rescue, but you will also find animals that are in shelters and are ready for adoption too.

Part of our current mission is to rapidly move animals from a shelter to a new and loving home. The current process of rescuing an animal includes the use of foster families. But with the growing number of animals hitting our shelters every day and with limited fosters available,  we need to try something new. The rapid adoption process will eliminate or reduce the need for a foster. Thus, saving more animals from a shelter and placing them into furever loving homes.

We can assist you in the adoption process for the shelter as well as our own adoptable animals.

Need help at a particular shelter in your area? we can assist you in that area too!

Want to be added to our pre-approved adopters list? then fill out an application today by clicking on the button provided below. 

​Help us save more animals....adopt...dont shop.


Maverick Pet Transportation & Rescue,Inc.


We are a responsible and thorough rescue when it comes to placing our rescued animals in a home. We have put in place requirements that will help the animal be placed in a safe,loving and forever home.

Those requirements are as follows:

Fill out our Adoption Application

Have Verifiable Personal References

Have A verifiable veterinarian reference

We will conduct a home check

Sign A written adoption contract

All of these requirements must be met in order for us to consider your home the perfect place for a rescued animal.