Food Donations

We are always in need of food donations to help with our fosters and to help those in the community. We have a belief that if we can help keep a animal in their current home, then we should do that. Maybe a family has fallen on tough times and needs some help with food to keep their pet. We believe that we can help keep animals in their current home by providing assistance.

You can help by donating food or funds. Contact us and we will gladly come pick up donated food locally.You can contact us for pick up by

This page is for the projects that we are working on locally and nationally. Some are ongoing projects that we can always use help with and some are short term projects. Donations are appreciated and will all go to helping the animals.

A 501c3 Nonprofit organization

Saving Homeless Animals Nationwide

Maverick Pet Transportation & Rescue,Inc.

Kennel Project

Currently we are helping a local rescue repair and make safe and comfortable some kennel space that they have available. We recently were able to secure a local donation of wood shavings to help keep the animals off the cold ground.

This space is important to any rescue as it serves as a place to "foster" any animal until they are fit for adoption. By having the ability to foster multiple animals in one place is tremendous. We can monitor them better and see their progress all in one place.It also helps make available foster homes for those animals that have special needs or care.

Help us care for the animals by making a tax deductible donation today.